Saturday, July 11, 2009

Typing exercise game using Pure MVC

I really like the pureMVC framework, I hope you will also like this.

It is really amazing framework, Easy to use and nicely developed.

I tried developing one game using this framework. It took little while initially but once I got hands to this it was really easy.

I have developed a typing exercise game, in which random character will dropped from the top; user has to type the right character to earn the score. Currently this game is covering only characters which are not case sensitive. I am upgrading this game to make this case sensitive; also I am planning to add numbers and special characters.

This game has few features like, score display, target hit display, user life display etc. Once the character reaches to certain point color will turn to red, which indicates the risk of loosing that character.

This game has four levels, after each level the speed for characters increase. Score 5 can be earned by hitting each characters

Suggestion are welcome.


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