Thursday, July 22, 2010

Air: PXRuler V 1.0

Have you ever get stuck to calculate the pixels of any of the on screen object? I did, In one of my project we have developed Geometry shapes in AS 3.0. Since It was a Geometric shapes, shape size was very critical, We couldn't effort to have any shape with wrong length in values. For e.g. the size of the equilateral triangle has to be of same size. As a developer, it was easy to calculate the size while coding / debugging. But when it goes to the tester for testing, Testers had a tough time to calculate the length of these figures.

And the search began to find the Pixel Ruler application. There are many free applications available.

I had a thought of doing this pixel ruler using AIR. As Air is very strong framework to create a desktop application. I decided to create using Flex.

It is very simple to develop the ruler in Flex/Flash. Just to draw the rectangle and draw the markers on it. That's it.

Tester had a tough time to calculate the pixels for the Slant line. That is why I decided to have feature of rotation of ruler. This is one of the features of the PXRuler V 1.0.

Application Screen Shot
PXRuler V 1.0

Following are the features covered in PXRuler V 1.0

  • Ruler scaling by dragging the Gripper button
  • Ruler Rotation by dragging the Rotation button
  • Ruler Color change by clicking the Color button
  • Setting Ruler horizontally / vertically by double clicking on it.

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  1. hi Shailesh

    Good Work. I want to need some guide line. can you provide me? I want to give shape of dynamic text like wordart of MS Word. Can i give using ActionScript 3.0?

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