Friday, July 2, 2010

Air: To Do Task Application

It has been busy month of June for me, I didn't got chance to blog much. Recently I got a time to develop Adobe AIR application. What a SDK for the Rich desktop Application, Air has very good features to play around with system functions, like docking on tray. I like inbuilt SQLLite very much. It will give you an opportunity to store user data very easily.

While working on busy schedule, It is obvious that you will forgot some import task. I have been to similar situation recently. That gave me a chance to develop some task reminder application. And then AIR come to my mind, Since i am working on flash / flex technologies from last 10 years. AIR is best option to develop this.

I have started working on the application with basic feature of writing Task, reminder for each task. It was looking very plain to me and then I decided to create custom skins for application. I am very happy that now it has very professional look. (this is what i feel) I hope even you will feel that too.

Following are the features of the To Do Task V 1.0

1. Adding task.
2. Color individual task.
3. Strikeout completed task.
4. Delete completed task.
5. Set reminder for each task.
6. Snooze your task reminder.
7. Docking on system tray.

I would like you all to use this application in your daily busy schedule and share your thought. Any suggestions are welcome. Share an issue to me if you come across any.

Install and explore To Do Task Version 1.0.

Application Screen Shot

1 comment:

  1. Hey Shailesh,
    I liked your concept of solving basic problem with the technology you know. And congrats for the AIR.

    Preeti Patil